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Mindset Mastery

Helping you with emotional, personal and professional development to be more fulfilled, impactful and thrive in life.

Enrich Your Mind

 Elevate Your Reality


Hi! I'm Milan, a mindset coach. I help people with emotional, personal and professional development.

Clients come to me to process heavy emotions, navigate difficult relationships, get out of mental ruts, build virtuous habits and systems, uncover purpose and values, and 'level up' in life.

Behind all of these challenges are the blueprints of our perceptive constructs. These constructs can both help and hinder us. I'm here to help shift your perceptions by exploring your mindsets and own self-wisdom. Then we get clear on the useful steps to overcome your challenges. In all meaningful ways, I want to help you thrive.

'Thriving' is my ongoing personal quest. To me, it means being fulfilled, impactful and finding joy. It led me to coaching after years of personal and professional development. I love deeply understanding things, and now I want to do good in the world by helping people, particularly those also trying to do good in the world.

I coach people in different ways: Through thoughtful inquiry and observation, I can offer relevant frameworks and practical suggestions. I also guide clients through emotional and embodiment experiences to explore hidden truths under tighter knots. And I can be present with a client's own experience and wisdom, creating a space for deeper reflection and self-discovery.

I simply want to help with the things that really matter to you, for you to create an extraordinary life.

Navigate your mind
Flourish on your path

I help with:

Emotional Introspection

Overcome limiting beliefs. Untangle difficult emotions. Discover intrinsic values

Personal development

Create virtuous habits & systems. Deepen relationships. Improve wellbeing

Professional development

Think strategically & prioritise well. Communicate effectively. Increase impact

Enrich Your Mind. Elevate Your Reality

Find out more:

I feel a little wiser, more compassionate, and more courageous working with Milan. Working with him the past few months, I've resolved a major challenge at work and acquired many useful thinking tools.


Milan is sincere, honest, and skilful. I've worked with quite many coaches and am very glad that I have found Milan.

Ziya Huang


Let's work together:

Taking Notes

Contact me

Send me any questions or express your interest in coaching here. Feedback is always welcome too, alternatively, anonymous feedback can be filled out here.


I'm here to help!

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