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Returning Coachees

Welcome back! Here are a few useful links:

Self-reflection ahead of our next coaching session:


Book our next coaching session:

*I would recommend 90m as our default length to get the most mileage and depth. Feel free to reach out at any time if you would prefer to adjust our format, and we can see what works best!

Preparation for returning coachees

Helpful prompting questions

It's worthwhile making a small space (5 - 15 mins is plenty) to reflect, refresh your memory from last time, and get the most from our next session together.

Feel free to only dedicate time to prompts that resonate most – no need to cover them all!

What happened last time?

It's helpful to recalibrate and familiarise yourself with our last conversation:

  • What resonated? What didn't, and maybe you'd like to change?

  • What actions did you take as a result of our last conversation?

  • Did your mindset or perception change on anything after our session? 


Sitrep of how things are now for you:

Thinking about where you are at now in your journey, and how the coaching can help create your desired experiences in that journey:

  • How have any of your actions gone since last time? What helped or hindered you? What's your sentiment towards those actions?

  • How have you felt in general since our last conversation? How are your energy levels and mind frame?



We may have discussed the importance of a strategy for building and maintaining reflective practices. If so:

  • How is the reflection process going? How does it look and feel?

  • If it's not going as you would've liked, what reasons or feelings arise?

  • If in your reflective practices, there's a gap between the reality (behaviours, habits, routines, actions etc) and any expectations/ goals, why do you think that might be? What could help bridge that gap or change the perspective? 

  • How has your overall progress been towards your growth plans?

  • Or if you are not sure, what may be a good starting place to explore to help with self-reflection next time?


Free-form reflections:

Anything else worth reflecting on and/or writing down? I'd love to hear about it.



Finally, any time you want to revisit our ways-of-working together (e.g. structure, interaction, communication style, my role in our coaching relationship), overall progress and sense of change, or have any feedback, please reach out, and I’d be very happy to discuss it with you.

Need to pay for a coaching session?

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