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My Coaching Approach

 My goal is to help my coachees thrive in many aspects of life.

Underpinned by a focus on mindsets and behavioural change, I strive to help my coachees in many ways. Whether it's overcoming difficult experiences, uncovering implicit narratives, offering fresh perspectives, emotional support and wellbeing, or living a more embodied, purposeful and impactful life, I can help.

I have an empathetic, inquisitive and open-minded style. Each of my coachees has my full support, and I think deeply and attend to the most salient and needs with care. I have different styles whether it's more encouraging and relating, problem-solving and strategising, or even challenging and holding accountable, I set up a format that works for the individual.

To strive for the best coaching experience, we outline these stylistic preferences, and some light agreements upfront. This gives the best chance for an effective, fruitful relationship.

I want to coach and support to have a lasting impact, and below are some example approaches that I offer and personalise:


Introspective work

Understand and relate to yourself better

  • Difficult and deep emotions

  • Implicit and explicit narratives

  • Perceptive constructs

  • Values exploration
  • Narratives and identity

  • Emotional coherence

  • Focussing

  • IFS - Internal Family Systems

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Personal Strategies

Tailored support, frameworks and tools

  • Personal development strategies

  • Meaningful goal setting and progress

  • Mindsets and growth-mindset strategies​

  • Expectations vs. reality constructs

  • Decision-making and problem-solving tools

  • ​Wellbeing strategies and brain care

  • ​Healthy time management 

  • Insightful frameworks, ideas and directions

  • Helpful exercises and support to progress


Professional Strategies

Levelling up, and creating impact

  • Career ambitions and pathfinding

  • Increasing social impact

  • Navigating tricky work environments and relations

  • Organisational behaviour and culture

  • Skillset mapping and development

  • Decision-making and problem-solving tools

  • Leadership and management insights and support

  • Management consulting development (strategy, technology & operations)

  • Domain-specific development (product management, supply chain & data analytics. See my LinkedIn)

My Coaching Principles

Coworking Space

Professionalism & Evidence-based Interventions

My coaching practice is built on a diverse range of experiences that is underpinned by professionalism as a management consultant for six years, and grounded in personal development reading applied in my own growth journey.

The methods and tools I use to help you in your unique context have evidence-based precedence (such as emotional-coherence therapy, growth-mindsets and wellbeing habits founded in science).

Tailored Support & a Safe Space

My first priority is to make you feel safe.


I tailor my coaching to the individual needs, mental modes and preferences of every coachee to create a comfortable and open space. Somewhere you are comfortable, can speak with candour and received with empathy. Together, we co-create this supportive environment that works for you, to encourage growth and help you to realise your full potential.

My coaching philosophy is grounded in building trust and understanding. Through active listening, thoughtful questioning, gentle guidance, challenging, and reflective conversation, we will explore the areas most salient to you and develop strategies to overcome them.

Where applicable, I share my own experiences to build relatability, trust and credibility, allowing us to work together more effectively.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Committed, Clear & Practical

My commitment to you is to deeply engage in our coaching relationship.

I bring clarity through insightful questions, challenging assumptions, new approaches and an empathetic sounding board to help you uncover insights and achieve breakthroughs; enriching your mind. We take what is resonant and outline practical, actionable steps that can actually help to elevate your reality.


To help you break the status quo and ultimately become a more fulfilled and impactful version of yourself, our collaboration also needs your dedication to the coaching process to ensure that we create a customised plan that works for you:


Open communication and regular feedback are crucial to our success so that we adapt and refine our approach to do what works best for you.

Coaching Programmes

Mindset Guidance, Personal & Professional Development


1-on-1 Sessions

Mindset Mastery with Milan will help with your personal and professional development.1-to-1 sessions are highly individualised.

My clients are global, and they benefit from some form of new perspective, emotional relief, clarity and healing.

I use my years of experience as a coach, mentor and consultant and personal experience to support as best as I can. Most recently, my coaching craft has deepened from the Tee Barnett Coaching Training programme.

 I want to simply help with the things that matter to you.


Book a free introduction call or leave your details below.

Personal & Professional Development Workshops

Discover what personal and professional development frameworks really work for you in these 3-hour group workshops.


In small groups (2 - 5), we have a mix of coaching, mentoring and peer discussion. Through bespoke exercises and helpful frameworks, we deepen your personal and professional development in areas such as:

  • Your vision and values

  • Mindset frameworks to shift perspectives 

  • Authentic relating and vulnerability exercises

  • Personal systems for productivity and wellbeing


These half-day workshops are made bespoke for each group. I make sure we look the most salient topics and offer a structure that finds the leading edges for growth. 


Each workshop is standalone, and designed so that you can take away the tools, techniques and exercises and use them in everyday life.

I run bespoke personal & professional development workshops throughout the year, and in-person in the UK. Fill out your information to register your interest, so we can discuss your particular focus and challenge.

Tea and Electronics

Find greater clarity, renewed purpose, and deeper fulfilment.

Ready to get started?

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