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First-time Coachees

Starting Out

Mindset Mastery with Milan

Coaching sessions that help you to level up in your personal and professional development, to be more fulfilled, impactful and thrive in life.

Studying at Home

Your Introduction Session

What to expect

To help explore if we're a good fit for each other, we start with a free 30-minute call where we can get to know each other better.


Together, we will begin to understand your growth areas to work towards outcomes that matter the most to you. By gathering context on goals, uncertainties, blockers, we cover salient topics and explore a 'menu' of support styles so you can get a rough 'sense-check' and intuition of how I might be able to help, and our overall fit for coaching. 

After our intro, and if we both feel excited about working together, we can move forward with a personalised coaching program tailored to your preferences, needs and goals. 

While it's okay if you haven't entirely thought through how to engage with this coaching, carving out a bit of time beforehand could facilitate important insights on the points below.


Feel free to only dedicate time to prompts that resonate most – no need to cover them all!

Questions for self-reflection

Introduction call preparation

Feel free to take a short while to reflect on what you would like to talk about (5 - 15m is plenty). This helps me to consider how to show up in our sessions and how best to support you. 

Some helpful prompts - cover only what resonates:


  • Have you had any form of coaching previously? If so, please share a few sentences about how it went

  • What are you hoping to ultimately achieve, solve or get to? (An exercise that helps: Imagine all of the problems have gone away / goals have been achieved after the coaching sessions - what does that future look like / how does that feel?)

  • What areas or topics would you like to cover in the sessions in the process? (No problems if you don't know exactly, a vague idea is also fine!)

  • Is there any other information you would like to share or that you feel I should know about? (E.g. constraints, preferences, expectations, relevant context)

  • Do you have any preference for the coaching to share up front? It’s ok if you don’t know, and this usually forms organically over time, and we can revisit these. E.g.:

    • Any agreements or expectations would like to define (e.g. conceptions of ’progress’)

    • Session format: more structured vs. unstructured

    • Coaching styles that you prefer: more reflective, questioning, supporting, challenging, advising, mentoring etc.

    • Logistics e.g: session lengths/frequency or have expectations around your progress)

    • Language styles that resonate, or trigger behaviours to watch / avoid

To emphasise again, feel free to only dedicate time to prompts that resonate most – no need to cover them all! I looking forward to meeting you.

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