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Who I Help

Some example profiles:

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Young professionals

Helping purpose-driven recent graduates orient, navigate and succeed in the wide-world through:

​Professional development:

  • Offering lessons-learnt from my own journey

  • Competency development and skills-mapping

  • Frameworks to apply in professional environments

  • Productivity tools and tips

  • Goal-setting

  • Impactful communications

  • Difficult interpersonal dynamics

Personal development:

  • Growth-mindsets

  • Habit setting and routines

  • Productivity

  • Relationship to 'work-life-balance' and purpose

Emotional wellbeing:

  • Managing uncertainty

  • Dealing with ambiguity

  • Levelling up in the workplace

Social enterprise entrepreneurs

How I help charity founders and researchers:

​Professional development:

  • Mentorship and support on common start-up based challenges such as growth challenges, people operations, culture, path to impact, vision, values and measurement

  • Defining and mobilising strategic and operational priorities using consulting frameworks
  • Exploring the charity problem statement and approach to launch e.g. hypothesis testing, data analysis, research, agile principles and helpful management techniques

  • Bridging the skills gap between yourself and the needs of the charity problem statement, using skill and competencies frameworks such the Knowdell skills matrix

  • Mapping to common start-up challenges and scenario planning against the failure modes

Personal and interpersonal development:

  • Uncovering and navigating difficult cruxes in new or established cofounder relationships 

  • Working through emotional and cognitive limits that start-up tensions can likely surface

  • Introspective work relevant to the challenge of being a founder of a charity e.g.: More surface-level domains around self-awareness, motives, resilience limitations etc. 

  • Deeper domains could be around difficult values, beliefs, narratives and mindsets that are accentuated when in a high-intensity role as a co-founder and 'out of comfort zone' (i.e. VUCA factors, high-pressure/pace/stakes). Pathways can include emotional coherence on such topics/scenarios and working through the symptoms (such as excessive anxiety, and stress) to their root causes/hidden emotional beliefs 

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AI Safety Professionals

Helping AI safety researchers, analysts, and managers to navigate an emerging, fast-changing and unchartered territory by:

Overcoming domain-specific challenges such as:

  • Long feedback loops

  • Short timelines

  • High uncertainty

  • Working with VUCA factors

  • Managing difficult emotions and existential feelings

  • Productivity management

  • Communication of key ideas

  • Purpose, values and life outlook

These are just a small variety of some people that I support from different backgrounds, demographics and professions.

Reach out if you are curious whether we could work together.

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